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Our favorite App

When to Fish

Practical adviser for every angler


Weather forecast with all necessary data, like pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation and more.


Our forecast calculates the activity of various kinds of fish based on their preferences such as the temperature, pressure, precipitation, cloudiness…


The Solunar calendar is based on the solunar theory created by John Alden Knight in 1926. This theory stays that the mutual positioning and influencing of the moon and the sun has an impact on the behaviour of fish and other animals.


Barometer is showing pressure forecast and its changes and can help to predict impact on the fish activity.

How it works?

When to Fish is a practical adviser for every fisherman, who knows, that the catch isn't just a question of luck.

Based on location, weather, season and other data, predicted activity of the freshwater fish and hunting conditions are calculated.

You can use our app for free, or purchase one of our subscription and enjoy the app without limitation

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When to Fish
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